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New Business Models

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Scale Core Functions

Changes in environment require organizations to build new complex organizational capabilities to adapt and grow.

I focus on common pain points in scaling:

  • Building Content Marketing Capability to Scale Lead Generation Efficiently
  • Transforming Finance to Drive Public Company Level Financial Discipline and Transparency
  • Organizational Design to Build Operational Delivery Capacity Efficiently

Digital Strategy

Digital is fundamentally shifting the marketplace, allowing new competitive entrants into your space.  We help you define your organization’s vision, goals, methods, tools, structures, and skill sets to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to your organization.

We offer:

  • Digital Strategy Facilitation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • New Product Design and Product Roadmapping
  • Business Case Development

Business Transformation

Business/Digital transformation is a path forward to diversify your business for new growth.

Organizations seeking this level of transformation may include:

  • Startups seeking to mature their operational models to scale
  • Businesses operating a declining business model
  • Organizations shifting from legacy to digital models
  • Industries adjusting to fundamental structural shifts
  • Organizations seeking to drive enterprise value after a roll up strategy

Growth and Transformation

Building Content Marketing Capability – a COO Perspective

Building Content Marketing Capability – a COO Perspective


As a former B2B publisher, I’ve had the unique opportunity to design and launch a Content Marketing driven Lead Nurturing business.  Before publishing, I had come from the corporate world.  As a result, I am frequently asked to give the non-varnished COO perspective on this experience. Is it Worth Pursuing? During the depths of the…

The Big Digital Squeeze

The Big Digital Squeeze


A Word About Variability Six Sigma, TQM, Kanban … every operational efficiency model out there has one thing in common – managing VARIABILITY.  Why do we like these models?  Because: Higher Variability = Higher Cost = Lower Profit If you are already looking for operational efficiency gains through these models, how can your organization generate…

Why Behind the What

Why Behind the What


Routines are a funny thing.  Day after day we fall into the same rhythms.   We embrace them like Linus’ blanket.   Soon routine turns into something institutionalized. For our own good, we sometimes need to do things differently to get to a better outcome.   The modern philosopher and spiritualist Jiddu Krishnamurti states, “Tradition becomes our security,…

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